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Arthur Turowski is a visual artist, he lives and works in Warsaw and since years has been connected with Polish streetart scene (he’s one of the founders of the Vlepvnet group). Turowski is a photographer, painter, sticker artist, and author of urban interventions, and for several years he experiments on combining photographs with screen printing. In his photos Turowski documents the public space, architecture, streetart and various manifestations of urban life. His photograph are marked but he atmosphere of anxiety. One of his favorite themes is dramatic decomposition of reality. September 20, 2013, in V9 will start Turowski’s solo exhibition.


Arthur Turowski


Opening: September 20, 2013, 19:00
Exhibition timeline: September 21 – October 20

The key aspect of Arthur Turowski’s work is one of the oldest and most prolific experimental subjects in the history of painting: reconstruction of the perception process. Alike the Renaissance masters committed to rigit rigor of perspective as well as Baroque creators of illusion and finally phlegmatic Pointillists were striving to go beyond constraints of human vision confronting technical mode of visual arts to control human senses conceiving the basis of artistic experience. Nowadays, the search seems to be acquired by cinematography through applying new technological advancements to further challenge sensual illusions, which has long since ceased to ensure simple deceptive catalysts of metaphysical experiences. Further experimental visions have been provided by various channels: in movies, in Internet and other advertising means always irritating eyes only for a few moments of joy.

However, Graphics by Arthur Turowski appear in the landscape as a striking counterpoint. The most attractive attribute is the technical side of the prints and the related special effect, as works are viewed with 3D glasses. Nevertheless, immediately it is experienced the core of the work does not refer to the simple trick of catching our attention for a mere second. On the contrary, at stake is the moment beyond the timeframe and Turowski enhances special effects by metaphysical, almost sacred dimension. When we look at the displayed objects we are under impression we have been using our eyes for the first time in life or as if the images have been suddenly unvailed. The photographs by Turowski create an impression the world freezes in psychedelic, sacred revelation of NOW.

These works ensure also another very important Promethean dimension. The artist not only reveals the secrets of the world of human senses, but also captures the technological solutions exploited by pop culture thriving in mass entertainment. The concept is developed at an independent printing workshop and propagates intimate expression. Craftsman proficiency should be considered as political statement – stolen fire is returned to the man.